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The Silicon Power Bolt B80 Is The Industries First External SSD With IP68 Standard Of Dust And Water Resistance

Silicon Power Bolt B80 is an external SSD that is portable and you can take it with you just like any external HDD that we are used to. The Silicon Power Bolt B80 comes in different storage options including 120 GB / 240 GB / 480 GB. Silicon Power Bolt B80 uses aluminum materials in order to give a premium feel in your hand.

The external SSD supports USB 3.1, USB-C, USB-A and USB 2.0 the read and write speeds for the SSD are 500MB/s and 450MB/s respectively. The thickness is only 11.9 mm so it can slide into your laptop bag easily.

This is definitely a move forward for storage as an SSD will be faster than the traditional external HDDs that we have used til now. Although the price of the SSD has not been announced, keeping in mind the portability and the premium materials used, it is easy to assume that the Silicon Power Bolt B80 will not come cheap.

If you are on the move most of the time and need to transfer large files quickly on the fly then the Silicon Power Bolt B80 is something worth looking into as it is fast and portable and takes very little space. The price might be high when it is released but that is something you will have to pay for high read and write speeds on the go.

Silicon Power Bolt B80

The SSD not only feels premium but looks great as well. The clean finish with the Silicon Power logo on top looks great and it is not overdone as we have seen in some storage products. You can also read about the Intel Optane 900P SSD with 3D XPoint coming this month. There is also a similar product from Samsung.

Let us know what you think about the Silicon Power Bolt B80 and whether or not you need an external SSD in order to move data faster.