New Shadow of War FOV Mod Has Been Released, Allows Wider Vision

One of the biggest sticking points for many PC gamers is the FOV slider. FOV, short for “Field of View”, allows players to see in a wider range than they normally would be able to. A new Middle-earth: Shadow of War FOV mod has been released, helping with this problem.

A wider field of vision allows you to see more, which can be vital in combat for something like a shooter where you could be shot from any angle. Shadow of War can also have this problem, as you can be struck from behind or from somewhere off-screen by orcs with crossbows or spears, or hit from behind by melee fighters that you can’t spot.

While the Shadow of War combat model is based on the Batman Arkham system, mainly that you can press a button to block an attack from any direction, the blocking prompts are positioned above the heads of the orcs, which isn’t much help to you if you’re facing an incoming attack from an angle that you can’t see.

Hence the necessity for the Shadow of War FOV mod, which would allow players to be able to see a lot more things in actual combat and thus prevent them from taking so much avoidable damage. If you’re a PC player for the game, and are having trouble with things like that, the Shadow of War FOV mod may be for you.

Of course, you could also simply turn the camera around as you fight in order to keep all possible enemies in view at the same time (especially since there are icons offscreen that can tell you when to parry or dodge something), but where would the fun in that be, especially if you’re fairly particular about your FOV sliders.

You can find the Shadow of War FOV mod at this link.