Shadow Of War Needs 8 GB VRAM In Order To Run Full Details At Full HD

Shadow of War is out and while it does not take too much to run the game, it is another thing to run the game with all settings maxed out and you may find that is not something easy to do considering that this is an open world game and can be taxing on your GPUs VRAM.

Shadow of War Xbox One X enhancements have also been announced and that is something that I am very much interested in. You can also check out the Shadow of War PC benchmarks in order to see how well the game runs on modern GPUs at different resolutions.

Shadow of War requires you to have 8 GB of VRAM in order to run that game with full details at full HD. If you do have that much VRAM then well and good, you will be fine but if you have 6 GB or lower then you will lose performance but you can counter that by setting the texture details to a high.This should help you make the game run smoother without having too much of an impact on visuals.

If you have a graphics card with 4 GB or lower VRAM then you might want to turn down the settings even further or take the resolution down a notch. Both of these options should work for you. You can click here to see the different settings that you can play around with in order to get more FPS.

Shadow of War is a great game and here is your chance to check out the improved nemesis system that was loved by players of the original game. If you have played the first game then you might as well check this one out as well.

Let us know what you think about Shadow of War and whether or not you are going to be clocking some hours in the game.