Is The Razer Phone Something You Need? Could Be A Huge Hit Or A Huge Miss

The massively popular, gaming components manufacturer, Razer is ready to launch its very own gaming smartphone. The specifications have been leaked on a website already. Razer Phone is rumored to launch on November 1st, 2017. But is it worth the money? Do you actually need a gaming smartphone?

While the smartphone industry is already matured enough to have a cut-throat competition in hardware, features, aesthetics and overall features. Razer Phone will feature a 1440p resolution, with an octa-core GPU @ 2.4 GHz and the GPU is Qualcomm Adreno 540. The same GPU found in Sony Xperia XZ1, Motorola Z2 Force, Samsung Galaxy S8 Active and Google Pixel 2.

The part where the Razer Phone takes the edge is its massive amount of RAM. A whopping 8 Gigabytes of memory. That will make multi-tasking a breeze. The leaked specs do not mention the battery size, but we’re assuming it will be ample enough to handle, the taxing loads of mobile gaming sessions.

The Razer Phone is an unexpected decision from the company who has pioneered in developing computing gaming peripherals with extended features, modified aesthetics and a premium experience. Diving in to a segment that is already saturated with phones of every possible hardware specification, size and power and those smartphones are already satisfying the gaming needs of a casual gamer.

Similar to the Nintendo Switch, the Razer Phone could feature its own lineup of accessories such as a gaming controller and battery cases to improve the gaming experience but looking at the history of the company’s product portfolio, these accessories will most likely have to be purchased separately.

Unless it has that dedicated feel of a value proposition with its features, apps or something exclusive that’s really worthy, this phone will face a tough time to penetrate in the market.

The price isn’t revealed yet but it’s safe to say that this phone won’t be cheap. But if you were to ask my verdict. I’d say Razer Phone isn’t worth your collection unless it offers exclusive apps, gaming titles and intractability,  like once the Nokia N-gage did and they did it well. But perhaps it’s for the fans and they’ll buy it anyways.

The price however, could be a crucial factor. If it’s close to the Nintendo Switch, then you are better off buying Nintendo’s console. Stay tuned for more on the leaked Razer Phone.

Let us know what you think about the Razer Phone and whether or not you are interested in buying it when it comes out.