With Oculus Go Announced, Should PlayStation VR Feel Threatened?

PlayStation VR has been a dominant force in the VR market and is currently the cheapest VR solution for gaming. However, there comes a new challenger that aims to dethrone PlayStation VR and attract some of its audience to PC.

But PlayStation VR, to my understanding, has nothing to worry about. The main reason being the tremendous developer support this device has seen. Games like Batman VR, The London Heist, Star Trek, and more are at the helm of PlayStation VR’s driving force.

The console has sold over a million units while Oculus Rift finds it hard to break that number. While Oculus GO may do well for itself, but again, in the gaming market, you need developer support and appealing content that attracts an audience.

As long as PlayStation VR maintains strong developer support in the gaming space, it has nothing worry about. Oculus GO’s $199 price tag combined with Facebook 360, Netflix, and other apps can help it perform well as an entertainment device.

Interestingly, Sony has a new version of its PlayStation VR headset. Compared to the old model CUH-ZVR1, the CUH-ZVR2 features a slimmer and streamlined cable connection, stereo headphone cable can directly fit in the headset.

Not only that but the PlayStation VR headset will include a new version of the Processor Unit that connects PS VR to PS4. This processor will directly support HDR-compatible features; previously PS VR owners had to disconnect the processor unit to use the HDR features.

The revised version should help PSVR sell more units now that some of its annoyances are resolved for good.

Which would you prefer, PlayStation VR or Oculus Go?