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NBA 2K18 Patch 4 Released By 2K, Adds More Customization Options, Fixes

2K Games has released NBA 2K18 patch 4, which adds in a number of new things to the game such as new customization options, new uniforms, and a number of balance changes and bug fixes. Hopefully, unlike the most recent FIFA 18 patch, this one will go over better with the game’s players.

To start off with, we have the various new customization options. Various uniforms for a number of NBA teams such as the Hornets, Bucks, Lakers, and Suns have been added to the game, and will actually be released when the next roster update comes out. Players can now also pick five new pairs of shoes, along with a large number of new beards and hairstyles.

More minor details have also been available for the Create-A-Player function, such as new eye colors and eyebrows, girth changes when you change weight, and more. And this is only the start of what’s in NBA 2K18 patch 4.

Various glitches and other issues have also been fixed. For instance, on the game’s Switch version, pausing in the locker room no longer suspends the game, so you shouldn’t have any disconnects from an online game when you do that. You’ll have fewer left ankle injuries, more variety in the types of injuries that can happen in a game, and other issues that include passing problems, positioning, settings not sticking to how they were set, and more.

There have also been a number of improvements and adjustments to areas such as the Neighborhood, the MyTeam mode, Pro-Am, MyCareer, and MyGEM, all of which can be found in this link to the actual NBA 2K18 Patch 4 notes. And this is only the fourth update that the game has had since it released back in September.

NBA 2K18 is currently available on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, along with previous-generation consoles.