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Middle-earth: Shadow Of War Unlimited Loot Boxes Exploit Helps PC Cheaters

If you’re one of those people that have bought Middle-earth: Shadow of War on PC and are angry about the microtransactions and loot boxes, then a new Middle-earth: Shadow of War unlimited loot boxes exploit might be something you might like to have to still get stuff without paying Warner Bros.

Since Shadow of War has already been cracked just a day after being released, it’s no surprise that PC players are taking advantage of it and a number of different trainers are already available, such as one that allows anyone that uses it to get free, unlimited lootboxes without having to pay a cent.

Lootboxes in Middle-earth: Shadow of War are mainly ways to quickly get high-quality captains and gear without having to trawl the map for them, which Monolith has already said can be used if you don’t have the patience for grinding or you’re having trouble with the endgame. While it’s possible to accomplish all of the stuff in the game without lootboxes, they do at least cut down on the grind.

Considering that the endgame seems to involve several dozen hours of grinding (at least according to various reviews), the Shadow of War unlimited loot boxes exploit might be seen as necessary to a lot of PC gamers who don’t really have the patience or time to grind that much and instead want as many good weapons and captains as possible, quickly.

If you’re man enough, patient enough, and have enough time to do the grinding anyway, or are lucky enough in your choice of Orc captains to go into the endgame with only a small amount of grinding, then the Shadow of War unlimited loot boxes exploit is something you can avoid, unless your’e on the PC and just want to try it out.

Either way, you can pick up and play Middle-earth: Shadow of War on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.