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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Talion Guide – HP, Last Chance, Combat Tips, Status Effects

In this Middle-earth: Shadow of War Talion Guide, we will guide you on different mechanics when it comes to playing with Talion. Middle-earth: Shadow of War sees the return of Talion to Mordor to face against the dark forces once more.

We have curated this Middle-earth: Shadow of War Talion Guide so that you can easily tame Mordor to your will. Die less frequently, understand status effects and utilize Last Chance effectively with our Middle-earth: Shadow of War Talion Guide.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Talion Guide

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Talion Guide details everything that you need to know about Talion and how to play with him in Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Talion

Game Difficulty

Middle-earth: Shadow of War features progressive difficulty. Even with lower difficulties, the game gives you a challenge as you progress through the story. As you level up and progress through the story, you will start noticing that the Captains are getting tougher and the demands to encounter them start increasing.

Tougher enemies will also down with a few hits and you get a limited number of Last Chances depending on the difficulty that you have chosen. Choose the difficulty, which you think you can play easily, even later in the game. Buy basic upgrades as you progress so you can easily take down the tougher enemies.

Hit-and-Run Combat

Your combat tactics should all revolve about the hit-and-run. Enemies in Middle-earth: Shadow of War are mostly found in groups and these groups are located closely with each other. In such conditions, you can be outnumbered easily if more than one groups are alerted to your presence.

Your strategy here should be getting in by surprise, take out one group of enemies as quickly as possible and run away from the area because some of the closer ones are bound to take notice of all the commotion.


Talion has a decent amount of health and a certain part of this health can be regenerated back. To regenerate health, you need to be outside combat. During combat, you cannot heal yourself unless you drain Uruks.

This is a very risky process if many enemies are around you because you will not be able to defend yourself. There is a great chance that you will be attacked during this process.

The best method is to run away from the combat to a safe location, wait a while to allow the regeneration and then find a single Orc and drain him to completely restore your health and then head back in the combat area.

Last Chance

Last Chance is another chance for you to stand up back on your feet and continue the fight when an enemy downs you. This features an on-screen command mini-game so you need to keep your eyes open when this happens.

A glowing circle will appear on the screen while a big moving circle will start closing down on it with a button inside the glowing one.

When the big glowing circle will appear in the smaller one, press the button to perform a counter-attack and jump back to your feet. Every difficulty has its own number of Last Chance opportunities and is displayed below the health bar.

Getting Knocked Out

You cannot truly die in the game since Talion is wearing the ring. Each time an enemy knocks you out, you will pass out and you will be spawned at the closest safe location. During this time, in-game events will be fast-forwarded and many changes will happen in the world mostly related to the Orc army.

The Orc who knocks you out always is promoted and he learns new fighting moves so the next time, he will be a lot harder to kill. Dead Captains in Sauron’s army will be replaced by new fresh blood and old ones will move up a rank if there are empty spaces between the higher ranks.

Status Effects

There are three status effects in the game Stun, Cursed, and Poison.

Stun is mostly caused by special attacks and when an enemy is stunned, he cannot move, attack or defend during the stun time. The victim is vulnerable while he is stunned.

Cursed causing many effects. If you somehow manage to get Cursed. You will start losing health, Rage and also you will lose all the Might stored.

Poison cause the health to trickle down slowly and makes the counter icons vanish.

Fire causes Burning effect and it goes away when it has dealt a certain amount of damage to you.

This concludes our Middle-earth: Shadow of War Talion Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!