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Apple CEO Tim Cook Criticizes The Microsoft Mixed Reality Initiative, “The Technology Is Not Ready Yet”

The Microsoft Mixed Reality Initiative has us all hyped for the possibilities that the future might hold and the applications of AR in gaming. While we have seen a couple of demos from Microsoft the video that caught our attention was that of the ARKit, with the magic portal door in the middle of the street.

That got us very excited and we thought that Apple would be stepping in with their tech as well but it seems to be the opposite of that. It seems that Apple believes that the technology is not ready yet and that the company is not willing to be the first to step into this tech.

While the new iPhone does have AR functionality it is going to be fairly limited as it is a phone after all and with that limited power, there is a constraint to what you can do. Apple is known for being a step behind the game and that is because the company likes to see tech mature before adopting it into their own products. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook:

“I think that the technology is still lacking in order to create a qualitatively convincing product. The demands on the screens are enormous and then you have to place around the face so much hardware – these are huge challenges.”

This is what he had to say about AR headwear and that is where the Microsoft Mixed Reality Initiative is headed. We have already seen Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets from different Microsoft Mixed Reality Initiative partners like Asus, Dell and Lenovo. Could Tim Cook be right about the whole thing not being ready yet?

Microsoft has already skipped on VR in favor or AR, could it be that people are not ready for this tech yet or that this is too soon and the tech is just not there yet? Tim Cook further said that:

“The field of view, the quality of the screens – the technology is not ready yet.”

Clearly, he believes that there is something dramatically wrong with the Microsoft Mixed Reality Initiative. But I will let you be the judge of that.

Let us know what you think about the Microsoft Mixed Reality Initiative and whether or not you think Apple CEO Tim Cook is right regarding the matter.