Intel Optane 900P SSD With 3D XPoint Coming This Month

The highly anticipated, Intel Optane 900P SSD is launching at the end of October. The technology bridges the gap between DRAM and NAND Flash drive by performing somewhere in between. The read and write speeds are much faster than NAND Flash media but not equal to the DRAM latency.

If we’re looking at the numbers for Intel Optane 900P SSD, it’s safe to say that the drive will be up against Samsung’s 960 Pro SSD. The latency will be at its lowest as it operates somehow like a cache register drive to give the processor and RAM faster access to the data I/O.

The 3D XPoint is significantly faster than NAND flash drive. Intel Optane 900P SSD is scheduled to be presented punctually at the end of October to the house fair of the game ‘Star Citizen’. Intel has chosen the Citizen Con 2017 according to Gamers Nexus present document.

The Intel Optane 900P SSD will be presented at the Citizen Con launch on October 27, 2017. Performance tests are to be expected. It remains to be seen whether they launch it at the same time or is it just a reveal of capabilities.

optane ssd

The high-end SSD will not only attract performance lovers but enthusiasts as well. But because 3D XPoint is significantly more expensive than NAND Flash, it is expected that this will not become a mass product for a general segment.

We have no idea what pricing or when these drives will be hitting the streets, but we are fairly certain that they won’t be priced over $4 per GB. The leaked slide shows the Intel Optane 900P SSD will be available in 280GB, 480GB, 960GB and 1500GB rumored capacities.

In Intel’s material database, the 900P is now also represented as a variant with 280 GB just to confirm the lowest in storage space. If you’re an enthusiast you better keep an eye on the Citizen Con 2017.

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