$700 Intel Coffee Lake Powered Budget VR Gaming Build Ideal For The Next Two Years

Since VR gaming is at its growing phase with a number of titles showing interest in the VR medium. The coming year seems like a good investment in a VR setup. So we’ve compiled the specifications of budget VR gaming build. The budget VR gaming build is powered by the Intel Coffee Lake i3-8100 CPU.

Paired up with a powerful GPU. The GTX 1060 is among the recommended specs from the VR gaming requirements on Oculus Rift support page. So rendering smooth HQ experience will be a breeze. Then we added the Intel Coffee Lake i3-8100 CPU that offers 4 cores and 4 threads. The performance is bound to be good since it clocks at 3.6 GHz. The Intel Coffee Lake 8100 is also the best value for money when considering cost per core.

The RAM kits are high performance 3200MHz G Skill Rip Jaw memory sticks 4GB x 2. Since Intel 8th gen. processors efficiently utilize high-speed memory. You’ll be getting an extra bump in the performance.

Since our target is a Budget VR Gaming Build, so we had to cut down the SSD options and chose a standard 7200 RPM WD 1TB HDD. However it depends on your preference, you can always add the SSD whenever you see it fit. That’s the beauty of investing in a PC. Its scalable, expandable and upgradeable.

The motherboard we chose is a B360 mid range, non-overclocking motherboard for low tier Intel 8th generation CPUs. The price is expected to be $60-80 and offers all the basic features to operate a decent size desktop setup. You can check out the build specs here.

Due to the fact that Core i3-8100 and GTX 1060 don’t consume much power. We’ve efficiently chosen a Corsair CXM 450W 80+ Bronze PSU that’s also semi-modular and will provide sufficient power to the budget VR gaming build.

Lastly, to stack it all up in a comfortable large space, we picked up a Focus G Mid-tower case with Royal White surface that gives it a classy look and enough space to install, move or detach components easily. This Budget VR Gaming Build will cost you a little over $ 700 but will ensure 2 years of quality VR gaming experience. Consider this as an investment.

Let us know what you think about this budget VR gaming build and the Intel Coffee Lake series of CPUs.