Fortnite Cheaters Are Reportedly Being Sued by Epic Games

The usual norm for companies is to rely on anti-cheat systems to protect their games from cheaters and hackers. In the case of Fortnite, the developer has something more striking in mind to ensure a fair playing field.

According to a recent report from TorrentFreak, Epic has begun filing lawsuits against the most notorious cheaters that continue to plague the game. Brandon Broom and Charles Vraspir are said to be at the top of the list. They are allegedly employees of a cheats-selling website that have been banned multiple times in Fortnite but continue to create new accounts to get back in. The two are also accused of promoting their unfair products in the game and convincing others to make purchases.

“Nobody likes a cheater and nobody likes playing with cheaters,” the document reads. “These axioms are particularly true in this case. Defendant uses cheats in a deliberate attempt to destroy the integrity of, and otherwise wreak havoc in, the Fortnite game.”

If implicated, the two will face charges up to $150,000 in “statutory damages” each. The developer hopes that wiping out key names will send out a clear message for those even considering to inject third-party software for unfair advantage over others.

For those unaware, there has been a massive increment in the player-base following the recent introduction of the Battle Royale mode. This obviously resulted in a surge in the number of cheating individuals. While Epic has permanently banned thousands of accounts in the past two weeks, it is still far from completely cleansing the community.

More than 10 million players have tried out Fortnite so far and the game recently registered more than 500,000 concurrent players across all platforms.