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Bioware Director Mike Laidlaw Leaves Company After 14 Years

After a long and creative career under the roof of Bioware, Mike Laidlaw has decided to retire from his job as a director/writer for the company and announced it a couple of hours ago through his personal account on Twitter.

Laidlaw has worked as a creative director for Dragon Age: Inquisition and as a writer for Mass Effect and Jade Empire. In his post, he states that even though “it’s with a mix of emotions, its time for him to move on”. So after 14 years of hard work and a sack on his back with a lot of successful titles, Laidlaw has decided to step off the directing for BioWare and go back to what we all want to do at some point, play the game.

He then gave a thank you message to the people he worked with, saying the following:

“In my time at BioWare I have been lucky to work with some of the most talented and hardworking people in the industry. It’s been an honor to be a part of the Dragon Age team, and I have every confidence that the world we’ve created together is in good hands and I’m excited for the road ahead.”

Bioware’s former now director Mike Laidlaw didn’t give explanations as to why he left the company, he said though that he will continue his connection with the industry through Twitch as a streamer.

“For the near future. I plan to spend my time reconnecting with all the amazing games and worlds that my peers have created, and I look forward to sharing those experiences with you all on Twitch and Twitter.”

Bioware seems to be losing a lot of high-profile employees with Aaryn Flynn retiring after 17 years in July being the most recent one and Chris Schlerf and David Gaider leaving the company’s dynamic last year. As for Laidlow, we can’t wait to see if he’ll get back to writing or directing later in the future or if his retirement from Bioware means his work on video games is done.