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PUBG Is the First Game on Steam to Cross 2 Million Concurrent Players

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has finally extended its record by reaching over 2 million concurrent players earlier today on Steam.

It has been an amazing journey for the popular online battle royale game. It reached 1 million concurrent players in the first week of September and then went on to reach 1.5 million a couple of weeks back. The weekend saw 1.8 million concurrent players and the figure then crossed 1.9 million at the start of the week. PUBG is roughly adding 500,000 active players to its community every couple of weeks, which is insane.

PUBG is now the first game on Steam to pass 2 million concurrent players. The only other product on the digital platform that comes even remotely close is Dota 2, which saw just under 1.3 million players at peak in March 2016.

An unofficial confirmation from yesterday suggested that PUBG has sold more than 15 million copies since it entered early access on Steam in March. These numbers are only going to increase when the game finally releases in full form later this year on PC, arriving on Xbox One through its Game Preview program around the same time. There will likely also be a PlayStation 4 version of the game. However, work on that will probably begin sometime next year once Bluehole is done with Microsoft.