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New League of Legends System Can Detect Champ Select and Post-Game Toxicity

The champion select screen in League of Legends can often see players arguing over their picks, ultimately leading to verbal abuse or worse. The same is the case with the post-game lobby screen, where the victors will often gloat in bad taste or the defeated side will start picking on one of its own.

Until now, Riot Games has had a very strict system to monitor the in-game chat to hand out punishments for toxic behavior. However, this has never covered what happens in the champion select and post-game screens. The developer is now on the verge of changing that in the coming days.

A recent thread on the official forums revealed that a new form of feedback delivery system is currently being tested on the Oceanic servers. It has already handed out several temporary bans during its trial period, which has caused confusion as to why the players were suspended.

“We’ve been working on a system that involves looking through champ select and post-game chats looking for instances of verbal abuse or unsportsmanlike behaviour,” technician “Zaps” explained.

The new system seems to be automated and without the need of players manually reporting others. Its ability to detect toxicity has so far been fairly accurate.

Riot Games is not ready to share additional details about the new system but those who have been banned can contact Player Support for context surrounding their punishment. There is also no information on when the system will go live in the other regions for testing. Perhaps it will happen when the new season begins in January for League of Legends.

League of Legends is scheduled to recieve Patch 7.20 this week. Here are some of the major changes that players should be aware of.