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Need For Speed Payback Gets a Story Trailer and Shows Three Playable Characters

Need For Speed Payback just released a trailer highlighting its story elements. There is much you can tell after watching the trailer. The story is about betrayal, vengeance and of course payback. The trailer shows three playable characters with (hopefully) different skills and style of driving. Character names are Tyler Ramirez, Jessica Miller and Sean McAlister.

Tyler is the Racer. Drag and street races are his cup of tea and he likes winning races. When his crew is betrayed he focuses on payback.

Jessica is the Wheelman. Always searching for high-risk high-reward jobs, she is very smart in getting out of troubles and daring enough to do whatever it takes, to protect her friends.

Sean is the Showman. Flashy style, off-road racing, drifting are his specialties, he is motivated enough to push through hard and stressful times. Here’s the trailer:

We’ve also discussed another character in the game, that may be relevant to the story, the graveyard shift. According to Ghost Games, She is the daughter of a Fortune Valley mortician and always races with full “calavera” makeup and black clothes.”

Need For Speed Payback has a character switch system as well. That gives you missions, races and jobs tailored to your favorite driver. From Drag races, to drifts and con jobs as missions, you can choose do more of each type as per your liking.

Last Need For Speed (The Reboot) Game did not get a favourable response, due to its wonky controls, repetitive drag race missions and missing core essence of the Need For Speed Franchise. I myself am a fan and have been playing NFS since the 3rd installments. My personal favorites would be Hot pursuit (1998), High Stakes (1999), Underground 1 & 2 (2003, 2004), Most Wanted (2005), Hot pursuit (2010) and Most Wanted (2012).

I am keeping high hopes from Need For Speed Payback. What was your favorite NFS among all? Do you have high hopes from the latest installment? The game releases on November 10th, Pre-ordered clients will get to play the game on 7th.