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Middle Earth Shadow of War Crack Out in a Day

Middle Earth Shadow of War crack is out only after a day of being in the market. Hackers were able to run its security measures into the ground. Middle Earth Shadow of War is using the popular (or not so popular now) Denuvo anti-tamper tech that was used in many different games previously, and almost every single one has been cracked.

Publishers opted for Denuvo and for some time it caused some issues for the hackers. Its publisher appeal revolved around the fact that it encrypts and decrypts itself to keep the hacker guessing. It seems Denuvo has completely failed to keep hackers at bay.

What’s interesting is that Denuvo an anti-tamper software itself was using a third party’s pirated software as a base to stand on.

A software named VMProtect that works in a similar manner. This company makes tools that help against reverse engineering and cracking. According to some reports, Denuvo wanted to use VMProtect in their tools but this was declined by VMProtect.

The standard $500 license would not have been suitable here as it would cost Denuvo a fortune to make something similar from scratch. Denuvo bought a cheap license and went on to get to develop its own software using VMProtect.

Some developers have now released patches to remove Denuvo from their games. Hitman got its Denuvo removed recently.

And now that Shadow of War crack is available to download, WB should also consider removing it as it affects a game’s performance. It failed to serve its purpose so there is no point in having it affect performance.