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Macro-Using Player Gets Banned from Rainbow Six Siege Pro League for 2 Years

Two weeks ago, beGenius and Penta Sports competed against each other in the ongoing season of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League. The latter team won with a score tally of 2-1 but it decided against celebrating the impressive victory. Instead, Penta Sports accused beGenius to be cheating in the entire series.

Ubisoft took note of the allegations for spamming macros, manipulating pings, and using team viewer. Posting on the official website earlier today, the developer stated that the internal investigation was inconclusive for all of the accusations except the usage of macros.

“Our anticheat software MOSS found evidence that across the match duration (over 2 hours), the player pressed the sequence ‘4 4 4’ 47 times, and ‘4 4 4 4 4’ 24 times, with around 120 milliseconds delay between each time the key ‘4’ was pressed down,” Ubisoft revealed. “The deviation from these 120 ms was 4 to 8 ms.”

The developer further added that the speed at which the key was being spammed is not inhuman but its regularity throughout the series with such small deviations is pretty much impossible.

Stéphane “Shaiiko” Lebleu from beGenius was the culprit. However, when Ubisoft contacted the team, it denied all charges. The player has now been banned from all Electronic Sports League (ESL) competitions for the next two years. In addition, beGenius has been disqualified from the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League and must forfeit all prize money. Excluding Shaiiko, the rest of the team members may participate in any upcoming qualifiers to get back into the Challenger League or any other tournament hosted by the organizer.

It is unknown as to what kind of macros were being used. The community believes that it has something to do with controlling the recoil and tightening the spread of bullets. It is not perfect but good enough to take opponents by surprise.