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Intel Coffee Lake CPUs Love Faster RAM, Here Is The Difference In Games

Intel Coffee Lake CPUs are out and they are already sold out. People are getting their CPUs with each passing day and while there were reports that there will be a supply issue it seems that people are getting their processors in due time. If you ordered from Newegg and were stuck in backorders then you should have received your CPU by now.

We know that AMD Ryzen CPUs love faster RAM and it seems that the same is the case with Intel Coffee Lake CPUs. We have included some performance numbers to show you the difference that faster RAM can make and how it impacts gaming performance when using Intel Coffee Lake CPUs.

Looking at Battlefield 1 minimum FPS using the Intel Coffee Lake 8700K, when using DDR4 2133 the minimum FPS was 158 but turning up the RAM to DDR4 3200 we get 192 FPS. That is a major difference and is well beyond the margin of error. Moving on to Crysis 3, we get 112 FPS when using the slower RAM but 119 FPS when using 3200 MHz RAM. Not a huge difference here I must admit.

Furthermore, we have Dishonored 2. Here we get 86 FPS when using the slower RAM but 103 FPS when running the game with faster RAM. Again the difference is significant. Deus Ex gives us similar results with 77 FPS on the slower RAM and 99 FPS using the faster RAM. We also saw a small difference when running Fallout 4. Here the slower RAM got us 62 FPS while the faster RAM gave us a minimum FPS of 72.

Running Far Cry Primal on ultra settings using the Intel Coffe Lake Core i7-8700K at stock frequencies we saw that the game ran at 133 FPS on 2133 MHz RAM but that number went up to 141 FPS when using the 3200 MHz RAM. We also got a 7 FPS difference when running Rise of the Tomb Raider DX12 at very high settings. We got an 8 FPS difference when running The Witcher 3 at ultra settings with No Hairworks.

The Intel Coffee Lake Core i5-8400 delivered a minimum FPS of 147 when running Battlefield 1 with the 2133 MHz RAM. When the faster 3200 MHz RAM was used the minimum FPS went up to 175. There was also a 3 FPS difference in Crysis 3 and a 6 FPS difference in Dishonored 2. We saw a 9 FPS difference in Fallout 4 and a 7 FPS difference in F1 2017.

Moving on to the Intel Coffe Lake Core i3-8100, here we are going to talk about the average FPS instead of the minimum FPS. The CPU delivered 151 FPS when paired with the 2133 MHz RAM and 166 FPS when paired with the 3200 MHz RAM. We also saw a 13 FPS difference in Battlefield 1 and Ashes of the Singularity shows a difference of 9 FPS.

While the difference in performance may vary from game to game it is clear that Intel Coffee Lake CPUs do favor faster RAM. In some games, the difference may not be as significant as others but the difference is still here and it up to you to decide whether or not it is worth the investment keeping in mind the increasing prices of RAM.

Let us know what you think about Intel Coffee Lake and whether or not you are interested in upgrading to more core and threads.