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Gran Turismo Sport Has Over 1 Million Players In Open Beta

The only game among all platforms that has a legacy of more than 15 years for driving simulation is Gran Turismo. Gran Turismo Sport is the latest installation in the franchise. The game launches on October 17th in North America and October 18th in Europe.

They recently made a few announcements and released short trailers for the game. Game Producer Kazunori Yamauchi announced remedies for server stability and massive online player base. Gran Turismo Sport has over 1 million players in the Open Beta.

Kazunori Yamauchi prompted the folks at Polyphony to reconfigure the servers and were surprised to see over one million players playing the game from open beta. The trailers released were short funny localized version for the Japanese audience.

One of the trailers also shows a professional driver marketing feature of the game like real driving simulation, car physics, High Dynamic Range and depth of details in 4K. The driver in the promo is Australian Matt Simmons, winner of the Nissan PlayStation GT Academy 2015.

This way Gran Turismo Sport targets Grand Prix lovers from Germany, Australia and rest of the world. They launched a demo of the game on October 9th, that is basically an open beta and looks like so many people love the franchise that over 1 million people are enjoying the beta already.

The demo allows players in game credits up to $1M and unlocked vehicles are transferable to the full game, when it launches. There are three modes in the demo, Sport, Campaign, Arcade. There are features included such as innovative photogarphy Scapes and custom livery. Campaign mode offers unique set of challenges and quests to improve driving skills.

Arcade mode offers a wide range of vehicles and pre-selected circuits with different terrains. Gran Turismo Sport runs on 60 Frames per second on both Playstation 4 and Pro. PS4 Pro version will offer HDR, better draw distance, better texture filtering and general graphical effects.