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First Super Mario Odyssey Review Score Is A Perfect 10, More Acclaim Coming?

EDGE magazine, a UK-based video game magazine, has given out the first Super Mario Odyssey review score. Nintendo fans should be excited to know that the score is, in this case, a perfect 10, which will likely mean big things for Odyssey down the road, especially if the game sells well on release.

Super Mario Odyssey has been hotly anticipated by many Mario and Nintendo fans ever since it was announced in January of this year at the Nintendo Switch’s first reveal event. Numerous other games such as Splatoon 2, a new Shin Megami Tensei game, Fire Emblem Warriors, and more had also been announced, but due to Odyssey’s interesting new setting, it had gotten the most hype.

The game has since gotten a number of different gameplay previews that have shown off a variety of areas, such as the Seaside Kingdom and the Cascade Kingdom a meadow surrounded by mountains and waterfalls and inhabited by dinosaurs, and a big city for Mario to run around in. With all of the new areas to explore, the Super Mario Odyssey review score is hopefully well-deserved.

While Mario games prior to now had consistently gotten good or glowing reviews (the last main release, Super Mario 3D World, consistently got 10s or 9s on a scale of one to ten), Super Mario Odyssey may be Nintendo’s most ambitious Mario title yet with the art style and the sheer variety of different worlds, not to mention the capture mechanic, which has never been done in a Mario game before.

Super Mario Odyssey will be releasing exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on October 27, so when that time rolls around hopefully the Super Mario Odyssey review score that EDGE has given the game will actually ring true to many people, and hit the Switch with yet another system seller title that will do everything that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild did and more.