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The Evil Within 2 On Xbox One X Is Enhanced, Will Look Just As Good As PS4 Pro

A small question has been floating around the internet wondering if The Evil Within 2 on Xbox One X is going to be enhanced, increasing its frame rate, graphical resolution, and everything else that would set an Xbox One X game apart from a regular Xbox One game. But it will.

Apparent confirmation comes from a listing on the official Xbox website, which confirmed that the game would be enhanced on the Xbox One X. Then again, many people that want to play it might just be happy to see that the game is stable when it releases this Friday.

The Evil Within, the original game, was one of the many high-profile games back at the tail end of 2014 that were borderline unplayable due to apparently being rushed out to make dates, which temporarily blackened the name of the Assassin’s Creed series and made The Evil Within get lower review scores than it could have on account of its technical issues.

Whether or not The Evil Within 2 on Xbox One X is actually stable remains to be seen, however; the various processes that need to be done in order to make the game run on the Xbox One X might mess it up to the point that it’s nigh-unplayable, though if that happens hopefully it won’t be to the same extent as the first Evil Within game.

Even if you’re excited that The Evil Within 2 on Xbox One X is being enhanced, you might want to temper your enthusiasm; while we do have confirmation that it’ll be enhanced from that listing, the listing doesn’t actually tell us how it’ll be advanced. Whether it’s the lighting, framerate, and graphics, or some other way, there are any number of things that port can be used for.

Either way, look for The Evil Within 2 coming out on Friday, October 13, on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.