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Cuphead Reaches 500k Steam Sales In 15 Days

Cuphead is one of the finest examples of how to do a game right. It’s a small team indie developers with a passion of, making the game leave a mark. This title is one of the most hyped games since past few years.

The unique art style, fast paced action, perfectly accurate animations make Cuphead one of a kind experience. The game controls are smooth, the boss battles are difficult and it really urges you to step up your game. It’s both frustrating and addictive all at the same time. Check out our special weapons and abilities guide for the game.

The game with in 2 weeks of its launch reached a benchmark of 500,000 steam unit sales. That’s coming from a small team of indie developers. Cuphead lived up to its hype with its gorgeous graphics, challenging gameplay, high replay ability.

The animations are one of a kind, with hand drawn characters, it literally looks like you are watching a cartoon from the 1930s. The game has different difficulty modes, there are certain weapons to pick and choose, that give you an edge in game progress.

I myself have yet to play the game, since because of the fourth quarter there are many games in my list but I’ll make sure to give Cuphead a priority above all. This game is love at first sight. A solid GOTY contender.

The controls of Cuphead are responsive, music is great, art-style as mentioned is uniquely accurate, gameplay is both frustrating and addictive at the same time. In my opinion this game deserves to be a GOTY contender.

The gameplay is so difficult that you will have to memorize the patterns of each boss and minions to work your way around beating each stage. There’s at least 15-20 tries for a newbie to complete a stage, depending up on your reflexes and pattern recognition. Patience is truly tested here. It’s an experience that you’ll have to have. Enough fanboyism from my side. Let us know your take on Cuphead.