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Battlefield Double XP Weekend Offers Double XP On Last Four Games

If you’re wanting to go back a few years and see if the multiplayer gameplay in Battlefield 3, 4, and Hardline holds up to the multiplayer of Battlefield 1, the Battlefield Double XP weekend that DICE is announcing today might be just the thing for you, as it includes the last four Battlefield games.

That means that whether you play Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, or Battlefield 1, you’ll get double Xp on all of them from October 12 to October 14, from tomorrow on Thursday to Saturday. With Battlefield 1 having been out for almost a year now, you might take a break and jump a few decades forward into more modern-day weapons.

You can trade biplanes for fighter jets, World War 1 tanks for actual faster, stronger, and more durable tanks, horses and motorcycles for Humvees, and bolt-action rifles to fully automatic assault rifles, not to mention all of the crazy stuff you can do with the Levolution technology in Battlefield 4 and Hardline.

However, at the same time there will be a few things missing: players who decide to go back won’t be driving the massive Behemoths that threw a wrench into multiplayer games, whether they’re enormous zeppelins or unstoppable fortified trains. Some players might also miss the high-intensity dogfights of Battlefield 1 with its biplanes, or the desert battles of the Middle East on horses and tanks.

Of course, whichever way you slice the four different games, the Battlefield Double XP weekend will still allow you to possibly rank up a few times and maybe unlock some new things, such as if you’re missing weapons in one game or another and want to earn them before you really commit to a game.

Or, if you’ve only recently bought Battlefield 1, the Battlefield Double XP weekend might be good for you to start playing on so that you can rocket up a few ranks and unlock some things.

Either way, the weekend starts tomorrow, and is available on any of the previous four Battlefield games.