Super NES Classic Edition Back In Stock At GameStop And ThinkGeek

Super NES Classic Edition had a pretty successful first month since it was sold out in most of the biggest online stores in just a few days. In GameStop, the console was out of stock in just a few hours. The famous Nintendo console is coming back in stock this week, so if you missed it make sure to grab one before Nintendo discontinues this one too.

As the company informed Glixel today, Super NES Classic Edition will be back in stock today at GameStop and ThinkGeek while shipments will start shortly after on October 12th for U.S stores. As it seems, Nintendo took fans’ complaints about the unavailability of NES Classic under consideration so their next console is not so limited and hard to find as its predecessor.

As Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime stated though, the Super NES Classic Edition will not suffer the same fate as the NES Classic. According to him there will be plenty more units in time for the holidays and will keep on shipping to face all demands. A previous Nintendo press release says “Fans have shown their unbridled enthusiasm for these Classic Edition systems, so Nintendo is working to put many more of them on store shelves,”

So as it seems there won’t be cases of overpriced retro-consoles hitting auction like it happened with the NES Classic Edition. Reggie Fils said about the matter:

“I would strongly urge you not to over-bid on a SNES Classic on any of the auction sites. You shouldn’t [have to] pay more than $79.99.”

He also stated that the production of the NES Classic was done based on market sales of previous retro-consoles which surely exceeded their expectations.

Nintendo Switch is also getting a boost in unit production to support the holiday demand so it seems like Nintendo has stepped up its game this year with both new successful consoles and exclusive titles.