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Nvidia GTX 1070ti Specs Leaked: Number of Cores, Clock Speed, Bandwidth And More

TechArp has leaked a much anticipated specifications of the Nvidia GTX 1070ti, the GPU that’s being launched in response to the AMD RX Vega 56. Since the Vega 56 outperformed the GTX 1070, the 1070ti is aimed to easily outperform Vega 56. There have been other leaks regarding the GPU as well.

For an expected price of over $420, 7.5% more than the GTX 1070. Nvidia GTX 1070ti will perform closer to the GTX 1080. Judging from the leaked specifications it is quite clear that higher clock speeds, more CUDA cores and texture fill rates etc. will ensure better performance in gaming applications.

Nvidia GTX 1070ti will use the same GP104 chip, CUDA cores will be 2432, instead of 1920 from the vanilla. GPU clock will be 1607 MHz base, instead of 1506 even though the boost clock is the same. Texture fill rate has also increased to 244.3 and 255.8 GT/s instead of 180.7 and 202.0 GT/s. Pixel will rate has also increased from 96.4 till 102.8 GP/s.

The memory will remain at 8 GB GDDR5 with a bandwidth of 256 GB/s. Bear in mind that the memory bandwidth and CUDA cores of AMD GPUs are always higher than the same tier Nvidia cards. But for gaming, we’re actually looking for the Texture and Pixel fill rate, that makes most of the difference.

Since the competition in the GPU market is tough, we’re already expecting stock shortages for Nvidia GTX 1070ti, shooting up the street prices. Therefore it is safe to assume that the $420 speculated price will not be the street price due to high demands, although time will tell.

There’s also anticipation for the Nvidia partner’s versions of the cards with powerful coolers and overclocked editions and they will be sold at a slightly higher price as well. It is expected that Nvidia is launching the Nvidia GTX 1070ti on 26th October, 2017. Cards available to grab on 2nd November.