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Konami Makes PES 2018 Arsenal Partnership For Next Game

Konami is actually one step ahead of EA for their next Pro Evolution Soccer game, as they’ve announced that a PES 2018 Arsenal partnership has been made to allow them to fully recreate and remodel the Arsenal team and their stadium when they make their next Pro Evolution Soccer title.

The partnership also means that Konami can use the Arsenal logo in its games, specifically in the Pro Evolution Soccer games. Whether this will effect EA putting Arsenal in the next FIFA game remains to be seen, however.

Arsenal is one of the more popular soccer teams in England, and the partnership is even better for them since the Pro Evolution Soccer League final took place in their home Emirates Stadium. Arsenal has made the partnership with Konami in order to further their brand and relationship with the company, and to give football fans and Arsenal fans a good time.

The PES 2018 Arsenal partnership does more than allow Konami to use the brand of the club in this and future games. It will also give them permission to model the real-life squad’s actual team members, as well as being able to model Emirates Stadium for the future.

Konami and its Pro Evolution Soccer franchise are rivals of EA Sports and their own FIFA franchise, and the contest for each to put more teams and stadiums into their games is fierce every time it happens. Konami being able to get Arsenal through their partnership with the club will mean at least one club that EA Sports might not be able to get.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is currently available on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, so if you want to get it and get put behind the reins of the Arsenal team, you can do that when the team is added to the game soon.