God Eater 3 Announced With a Trailer, Here is Everything You Need to Know

A few days ago Bandai Namco has finally announced the long awaited God Eater 3 with a trailer that we would like to share with you. We found the video very interesting, especially because of some interesting information that can help us understand how the game will be after launch. We have analyzed it and here is everything you need to know about God Eater 3.


According to what we’ve seen, the situation in this third chapter is even worse than in the past for the human kind. The war with the Aragami has been going on forever destroying places and killing people, and the only survivors seem to be the God Eaters; however, there’s something else – besides the Aragami – that’s threatening the protagonists. Strange things are happening to the God Eaters and some of them might fall in the darkness.

We don’t know much more about the story of God Eater 3 right now, but the “turning bad” incipit (even if classical) could make things very interesting.

One of the things that people didn’t like about the old games was their being too linear, so the software house should focus on renewing the formula and make the the title appealing for new fans too: to take risks is the right way.

Gameplay and Technical Aspects

Speaking of gameplay the game feels a bit different from the old titles. There are many possibilities in terms of attacking the enemies and the animations are more fluid than ever; when it comes to the technical side God Eater 3 is valid as well. Good textures, good particulate effects and a visual style coherent to the series’ soul.

Hopes and Expectations

Started as a PSP game mainly focused on gameplay, God Eater has changed a lot through the years. The first two games were eventually ported to PlayStation 4, receiving extra features such as new weapons, new arts and a deeper look into characters’ stories thanks to dedicated episodes.

Since the series was born on a different platform, God Eater has never managed to express his potential; anyhow we are on PS4 now and what expect the most from Bandai Namco is a breakthrough: God Eater 3 has to have a fun gameplay with a deep story to keep the player attached to the chair as emotional involvement is  extremely important nowadays.

At the moment we are writing there’s no information on the release date neither the platforms the title will be available for, so Bandai Namco has thought about something to keep you engaged in the meanwhile: God Eater: Resonant Ops.

The game is set four years after the events of God Eater 2 Rage Burst and will be releasing for Android and iOS in 2018. By pre-registering you should receive items and bonus.

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