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6 exciting things to take away from League of Legends Patch 7.20

Patch 7.20 is primed and ready to be deployed for League of Legends this week.

Posting the patch notes on the official forums earlier today, Riot Games noted that the number of changes will be on the lighter side because it is currently preparing the way for Runes Reforged. The pre-season update will particularly be holding many more significant changes and the developer wants to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Here are six things that players should be excited about regarding the upcoming patch.

Evelynn Rework
The much-awaited rework of Evelynn will finally escape the Public Beta Environment (PBE) this week. Her overhauled kit still borrows a few older features but now with multiple functions. She also brings a much higher skill ceiling and players are likely to enjoy her gameplay once it is mastered.

Several adorable emotes are coming back to League of Legends but will now stay as a permanent feature. Players can set up their personal emote wheels with five different slots to express themselves on the fly. On the same note, there will be an option to mute anyone spamming the rift.

To celebrate the occasion, every player will receive a free “Thumbs Up” emote for the collection. A total of twenty-five emotes will be available for purchase from the store at launch and more will be added with time.

Ornn Buffs
Ornn will receive even more buffs to make his life easier in League of Legends. The champion had an abysmal win-rate at the time of his release in August. The developer has already addressed his weakened state but more improvements are required.

Bellows Breath (W) is being changed to deal damage based on maximum health instead of current health. Searing Charge (E) will be more reliable when it comes to hitting terrain. Finally, the reactivation of Call of the Forge god (R) no longer has a cast time.

Honor Voting
Riot Games is raising money for three global charities with the help of sales from Championship Ashe and the Championship ward skin. This week, players will also be able to vote for their favorite charity from within the client. The winning charity organization will receive 50 percent of the total donations.

Item Set Sharing
The basic functionality of importing and exporting item sets is finally coming to League of Legends. Dedicated buttons will allow players to “copy to clipboard” or “export to file” in order to share their builds with others. These can then be imported through a file browser.

Super Galaxy Skins
The highly popular Super Galaxy line of skins is receiving four new additions this week. Super Galaxy Annie has a robotic version of Tibbers as her companion, Super Galaxy Elise can dish out hologram cocoons, Super Galaxy Nidalee can change into a robotic cat, and Super Galaxy Gnar can transform from an adorable little scientist into a bad-ass mech.