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Over 30 Characters Will Be In Attack On Titan 2, Includes Side Stories

A recent Famitsu article about Attack On Titan 2 has talked about the larger number of characters that will be available in the game when it releases. In addition to all of that, these characters will have side stories that you can play through as you build up your bond with them.

Attack on Titan is a series that is notable for two reasons: the sheer number of characters in the game, and the rate at which they’re killed off. When you’re fighting a seemingly hopeless war against a race of gigantic monsters that want to eat everyone they come across, characters are going to die, and so even though you can unlock over 30 characters, not all of them will be available all the time.

The games follow the Attack on Titan storyline, and thus some of the characters that you unlock will die over the course of the story, meaning that you won’t be able to use them after that. However, there will still be ways for you to interact with them after they’re out of the story, though how that’ll happen hasn’t been established yet.

The various Attack on Titan 2 characters aside from the main bunch include characters like Mike Zacharias, Nanaba, and Gelgar, who were all introduced in this week’s Famitsu issue. However, more characters are likely to be announced in the coming weeks as Famitsu puts out more information about the game.

Attack on Titan 2 will be releasing on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. It will also be getting a West-exclusive Xbox One release, and a Japan-exclusive Playstation Vita release. If you were a fan of the first Attack On Titan game that came out last year, then you can continue following the story of Eren and his friends as they fight to save humanity when the next game comes out in early 2018.