Twitch Prime offers free golden card pack for Hearthstone in November

There is a new incentive for the community to subscribe themselves to Twitch Prime in order to avail “more precious plunder” coming to Hearthstone.

In November, all members will receive a golden card pack for free. It will contain the golden versions of five randomly chosen classic cards. According to Blizzard, the golden card pack will follow the newly implemented rules for pack-opening. This means that if players pull a legendary card, it is guaranteed to not be a duplicate unless they already own all legendary cards from the classic set.

The promotion will run from November 8 to January 9. During this time, members of Twitch Prime will have to grab a code and redeem it on the official Blizzard website. Only a single code will be applicable per account. Instructions to link your Amazon account to Twitch can be browsed here.

This is not the first time that Twitch Prime has offered special loot for its members. Previously, Overwatch received similar golden loot boxes. However, this is indeed a special occasion for Hearthstone because golden cards are very rare and receiving five of them, with the chance of a legendary, is a great opportunity.

Elsewhere, we are drawing near to BlizzCon 2017. The annual convention is strongly rumored to see Blizzard announce a brand new expansion pack for Hearthstone. It is believed to feature Kobolds and Gnolls. Mark your calendars for November 3-4.