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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gear Guide – Gear Locations, How To Upgrade Gear, What are Gems, Legendary Gear Sets

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gear Guide will help you with everything related to the gear in Shadow of War from their locations to their upgrade; everything will be covered in this guide.

Unlike Shadow of Mordor, Shadow of War grants players control over their gear which includes weapons and armor. Players will be constantly finding new gear and destroying the old ones. Not only this, players will also have to manage their gear with gems and upgrades which can a be a bit overwhelming and that is where our Shadow of War Gear Guide comes in.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gear Guide

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gear Guide will detail all there is to know about the Gear system in Shadow of War so that players can enjoy the game.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gear Guide

Firstly, let’s talk about the very basics of the Shadow of War Gear system. Unlike the first game, Shadow of War gives you freedom and control over your gear like weapons and armor. There are a total of five pieces of gear that players can equip which are a sword, Dagger, Bow, armor, and a cloak.

Each item is associated to a stat. such as stealth, attack, health, ranged attack and more, however, these stats are not displayed and will not have much of an impact on gameplay. All you need to care about is the higher the number the better the gear will be.

Each of the five categories has four tiers and each one is color-coded White represents common tier, Yellow represents Rare, Orange color represents Epic, and Purple represents Legendary.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gear Locations Guide

There is no specific location for any gear, players will find gear in Shadow of War randomly as it will be dropped by Orcs when they are dead, especially the Captains. Players will get more gear as a reward for completing side quests or you can just simply buy them.

Just to be clear, players will not need to go any specific place to look for better gear instead, it will keep showing up and all players have to do is manage.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gear Upgrades Guide

Once players get their hands on a new gear in Shadow of War they will not be able to upgrade it outright, as players will notice “Unlock Challenge” located below the stats, which is required to be completed in order to unlock the upgrade.

Also, the rarer the weapon the difficult the Unlock Challenge will be. Once the Unlock Challenges will also vary depending on the Gear and one the unlock requirement is complete you can use the in-game currency Mirian to upgrade the selected gear.

Also, Unlock Challenges can only be completed by using the weapon that needs its challenge completed. Players cannot use another weapon to complete the requirement and expect the Unlock Challenge will be completed.

In addition, upgrading the gear will only increase its stats and how much the stats will increase will depend upon the gear itself. Rare gear will increase only one point maybe two, and Epic gear will increase its stats by several points. Also, Legendary Gear is the only gear that can be upgraded multiple times, any gear below that will only be upgraded once.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gems Guide – What are Gems and How to Use

Gems add additional stats to your Gear. Players can attach a gem to each category of Gear and it is important to note that it is a category, not an individual item. Now there are three types of Gems namely Potency Gem, Vitality Gem, and Wealth Gem.

Potency determines damage, Vitality determines health, and Wealth determines the in-game currency you get. Now there are five qualities of Gems Plain, Carved, Polished, Refined, and Perfect. Obviously, the higher the quality the rare the gem will be, however, you can craft higher quality gems by combining three low-quality ones.

Combining three similar gems will grant you a gem of next high-quality meaning if you combine three pain gems then you will get one Carved Gem. Apply Potency gem to a sword and the damage will increase, apply vitality gem to cloak this will increase your maximum health. Also, how much the stat. will increase will depend on the quality of the gem.

Since the gem is attached to the category instead of an individual item, players can destroy gear without affecting the gem. Also, Gems can be replaced without consequences, so experimentation is recommended.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Legendary Gear Sets Guide

Legendary Gear sets will not matter until quite late in the Shadow of War. Each piece of Legendary Gear belongs to the specific set and there are nine sets in total namely, Dark, Feral, Machine, Marauder, Vendetta, Bright Lord, Mystic, Terror, and Warmonger. Equipping a set will grant players bonuses.

That is all for our Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gear Guide with tips on where to find it, how to upgrade it. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!