Football Manager 2018 Introduces A New Mechanic Called Dynamics

Football Manager 2018 is coming to our PCs next month but not a lot of information about its new features are out in public. A few days ago Football Manager’s Youtube Channel released a video announcing the Dynamics feature to the future managers, which is a mechanic that tries to give a realistic take on how the relationships in the locker room can play a huge role in a match’s outcome.

Dynamics is divided into three sections, each of them playing a huge role in the team spirit and cooperation. These are:

  • Match Cohesion, which is basically the understanding between players on the field. This section is usually affected by the players’ mental state and the relationship between them.
  • Dressing Room Atmosphere is the section where the similarities in the players’ profiles are matched to create a good environment. For instance, good dressing room atmosphere can be created by players having the same nationality or age or players that played in the same club for a long time.
  • Managerial support, which is the stand you take on the team. The period of time you spent on the team, the promises you made and your overall reputation are key factors to this section.

You will also be able to see a structure of your club’s influence starting with you, followed by the leader and developing to the most influential players on the team to help you work with the meters of the three aforementioned categories by keeping a good relationship with them.

Given the Dressing Room Atmosphere, there will also be a new tab called Social Groups where you will be able to see which players go along together because they played on the same team before, or are both Spanish and so on.

The Dynamics feature gives Football Manager 2018 one more key feature to make it probably the best simulation video game this year, given the fact it won’t be too complicated and players will get “drowned” in it.

Football Manager 2018 will be releasing on November 10th and you can pre-order it for 54.99 euros or your regional equivalent, and if you want to pre-order Football Manager 2018 Touch, you can pre-order that on Steam for 29.99 euros.

If you preorder the game, you’ll be able to play it before anyone else as you go through the preseason period in the game’s beta. Any progress that’s made during that beta period will also carry over to the actual game, so you can get a leg up on other teams if you decide to pre-order it.