Evelynn Champion Spotlight shows terrifying late-game “murder machine”

Evelynn has received her very own champion spotlight to show off her powerful new abilities and how she loves to hide in the shadows to strike fear in every heart.

Her previous kit in League of Legends has mostly been overhauled with multiple functions for every single slot. The reworked Evelynn not only comes with a shiny new character model and gleaming animations, but also a higher skill ceiling for players.

The rework of Evelynn arrived for League of Legends more than a week back and is currently available on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for eligible players. She is expected to officially arrive for everyone with the next live update in the coming weeks. Those interested can browse through her new kit of abilities here.

Most recently, it was revealed that the new Evelynn features over a dozen voice-overs that are all sexual references or innuendos. Some of these trigger automatically upon an activity like killing an enemy champion, while others happen when performing manual interactions with certain champions. There are suggestive jokes during the ban phase as well as when spawning. It has to do with her lore. Evelynn is, after all, a succubus in League of Legends.