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Dust II has been reworked and will arrive with the next CS:GO beta update

Dust II is finally returning to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) in a “refined” state that includes changes specifically targeted at the competitive crowd.

Posting on Twitter earlier today, Valve confirmed that the iconic map has been fully reworked and will arrive for testing with the next beta update.

While none of the impending changes to the design and structure were shared, the developer did give a slight preview of the spawn location for the Terrorist side. Most notably, the colors are more vibrant with better map textures. The sky-box also appears to have been changed with a significant clear blue color.

CS:GO received its last update earlier this month and it was a pretty minor one. In that light, the beta update should arrive in the next couple of weeks. In any case, the reworked Dust II should go live for everyone by next month.

The map was removed from competitive play in February in favor of an overhauled Inferno. When Dust II finally returns, another map will be taken off the list for changes. That is how the map cycle works for the game.

It will be interesting to see what changes Valve has made to Dust II. Previous rumors indicated that the developer is removing the mid-double-doors, and including cover and obstruction on A-long. An additional route may also be added to connect both bomb sites.