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16 Minutes Of Code Vein English Gameplay Shows Exploration, Boss Fights

Gamespot has released 16 new minutes of Code Vein English gameplay that in addition to showing off the new Queen’s Knight boss once again, actually brings in a good amount of exploration gameplay along with it as they make their way to the boss…which takes them eight tries to beat.

Many fans of Souls games have labelled Code Vein as an “Anime Dark Souls” game, as it’s a Koei-Tecmo game that’s designed to be difficult and taking place in a post-apocalyptic world crawling with horrific monsters. Their previous Souls-like game, Nioh, also got critical accaim, though it didn’t take place in any sort of post-apocalyptic world.

Hopefully, Code Vein will be just as good. Even if it’s not as fast-paced as Nioh or as slow as Dark Souls, the Code Vein English gameplay at least looks fairly solid, with its own art style and a number of interestingly-designed enemies such as the Queen’s Knight and the more generic enemies that have come with the onset of whatever apocalyptic event the story had in its backstory. The game also allows players to team up with an NPC from the start, rather than summoning them for a specific era.

In contrast to Dark Souls’s sword-and-shield mechanic, the Code Vein English gameplay that we’re shown seems to be focused more around large weapons of the type that are also used in anime, along with dodging. Then again, there might be sword and shield combinations or dual-wielded weapons that we haven’t seen yet.

Either way, we’re at least getting a lot of gameplay from Code Vein despite there not being any sort of playable beta like there was with Nioh, at least, yet. We can look forward to playing Code Vein when the game releases for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC sometime in early 2018.