Xbox One X Was Not A Reaction To PS4 Pro, They Had It Plan Early

Albert Penello, Microsoft’s Sr. Director Product Management and Planning, gave a statement to one of the sources, being both impressed and surprised by Sony PlayStation 4 Pro console. Penello was impressed by the similarity of the idea that Sony came up with and MS improved the same.

Penello said that he gave them a lot of credit for their ideology. But the most impressive aspect, in this revelation of the original console was, both Sony and Microsoft had the same idea for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X; and they both executed it differently.

Penello added that MS doesn’t know what Sony is planning for the future, they have their own projections and their own forecasts. The fundamentals are the same but each previews the target market with slight difference.

He further said that it may seem like Microsoft is reacting to what Sony is doing. But people in the business know, these ideas take years of work before even being publicly announced. The specifications are also locked, years in advance.

Microsoft saw the 4K shift coming and doesn’t want to jump on every technology, and probably that’s why they skipped 3D product line, even though 3D was the pop-culture thing, back in the Xbox 360 days. But they believe that 4K seems promising and this will lead in to the future.

Thus they designed a device to render the best possible 4K experience, along with High Dynamic Range. They have the same doubts with VR as an Xbox product extension like 3D but it’s more of  ‘Let’s wait and don’t rush it’ kind of a thing. So MS is pushing the VR products for Windows-PC platform.

PS4 Pro launched last year(10th Nov.), same time that Microsoft will launch its Xbox One X this year(7th Nov.) PS4 retails for $399 while the Microsoft Xbox One X retails for $499. Specification and feature wise the Xbox One X is the more powerful console. If it’s a response to the PS4 Pro, this explains why the hardware is better and features are more pronounced. Do you believe MS Xbox One X is a response to PS4 Pro? Let us know in the comments below.