How to See Shadow of War True Ending Without Giving WB Any Money?

Shadow of War true ending is locked behind 40-50 hours grind or you can pay real life money to unlock legendary Orcs that are required to beat the final “Shadow Wars.” Warner Brothers and Monolith intentionally designed the game in a way that it feels like a chor.

It is time for the community to fight back and tells companies the 2K Games and Warner Brothers that it is not OK to use microtransactions this way. Shady implementations give this term a bad and when producers like Bob Roberts lie about balancing them, it makes matter worse.

We recommend not spending any money on Shadow of War. The ending is not worth your money or the 40-50 hour grind. The best way is to wait for someone to upload the ending on YouTube and check it out for free. DO NOT pay Warner Brothers a dime.

With that said, it doesn’t mean Shadow of War is a bad game. It has its shortcomings but the overall experience was pretty good. The Story is mediocre but excellent gameplay design somewhat puts the story on the back burner anyways. Shadow of War True Ending is something not many would be interested in since it takes forever to unlock. Maybe developers would release a patch to make loot boxes more potent.

But for now, make sure you avoid paying and checking it out on YouTube.

Shadow of War is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Reviews for the game are out now and some do mention that the problem we discussed.

Do you think such implementation of microtransactions should be tolerated? What can we do about it?