League of Legends’ season 7 ranked rewards feature new insignia and bonus chromas

The seventh competitive season for League of Legends is finally on the verge of drawing to a close, undoubtedly forcing players to spam the queues and climb as many rungs on the ranked ladder as they possibly can in the remaining few weeks.

Posting on the official forums, Riot Games confirmed that those who place Gold or higher will receive a profile insignia, summoner icon, loading screen border, Victorious Ward skin and the recently revealed Victorious Graves skin that comes with additional chromas for each queue.

Players who place Bronze will only receive a profile insignia and summoner icon; while those who hit Silver will receive everything except the Victorious Graves skin.

The insignia is a new reward crafted by Riot Games this year. It falls below the summoner name to show off the last-season ranking on the profile page and will be removed/replaced when the new season arrives.

Riot Games wants to reward honorable players this year as well. Anyone who reaches an honor level of three or higher will receive a unique ward skin based on the level.

Season 7 is scheduled to end on November 7, with Season 8 commencing from January 16. Any eligible rewards will automatically arrive within one month after the season concludes. This may take place in waves, with some rewards arriving faster than others.

The pre-season is scheduled to go live on November 8, bringing several features and improvements that carry immense significance. The 2017 League of Legends World Championship will conclude on the same date as well. Expect more details to arrive from Riot Games in the coming weeks.