AMD 7nm Navi Architecture To Launch August 2018, Sources Tell

AMD announced today at the GlobalFoundries Technology Conference that it will be transitioning its Ryzen CPUs and Vega GPUs to 12nm LP technology next year, the Ryzen and Vega refresh of 12nm. But recently from a source it was mentioned that company is planning to launch AMD 7nm Navi architecture in August 2018.

AMD’s RX Vega line of GPUs did not perform up to the expectation of gamers; With the exception of the RX Vega 56 that provided more value, compared to the GTX 1070. Even though at consumer’s end the price rates were not so impressive!

Nvidia decided to launch a GTX 1070Ti in response of the Vega 56, to compete with its performance gains. The price is expected to be more than $400, which is the MSRP of Vega 56. By this time it is evident that AMD have themselves in immense amount of pressure when the Geforce Pascal is still able to dominate current gen AMD GPUs.

Since the source of news mentioned, AMD is launching their 2019 7nm Navi architecture earlier in 2018 August. This creates a huge possibility of getting the 12nm Vega Refresh pushed earlier till Feb or March perhaps. Rumors are also saying that Nvidia will launch their Volta based GPUs in the 1st quarter of 2018.

Volta is also a 12nm process Node but expected to be much more powerful than the Pascal series. In this regard AMD will definitely have to come up with a solution like HBM 2.0 or Infinity fabric to make their Vega refresh lineup powerful and equally competitive. Otherwise there are high chances that they will have to face the same performance issue that Vega lineup is facing.

Navi will be made on the 7nm process, but other than that we don’t know much. AMD could indeed make Navi a modular GPU, by making smaller not-so-complicated GPU dies instead of a massive GPU die that we’ve been used to since the introduction of the GPU.

None of the less the next two years will be massive in terms of GPU technology and advancements! Do you believe AMD will be able to push its boundaries with their Vega Refresh? Or are you excited for the AMD 7nm Navi launching sooner than expected?