Stipend for EU LCS has reportedly been increased, plans for regional-split delayed

The European League Championship Series (EU LCS) was recently reported to be overhauling for the new competitive season with a very different format.

Riot Games is still not willing to give the local teams the opportunity to create franchises. What it is said to be working on is the splitting of the EU LCS into four separate regions with more than double the amount of teams participating and more competitive play than ever before.

However, a new report from ESPN claims that those plans have been put on hold until “at least 2019” because Riot Games was unsure if it would be able to “efficiently” institute the regional changes.

Instead, the developer has opted for a short-term improvement by increasing the stipend for every team in the EU LCS from €350,000 to €500,000. The difference is roughly a 40 percent increase than before.

In addition, all games in the EU LCS will move to a double best-of-one format for next year, similar to how Riot Games made it so for the North American League Championship Series (NA LCS) recently. Relegation will also be removed between the spring and summer split.

The significant changes will arrive on the backs of criticism made by several professional teams in the region due to a lack of revenue generation. This does not only affect those currently participating on the main stage. Even teams that failed to do so are withdrawing because of similar concerns in the long run.