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Overwatch player demands the balancing team to be replaced, gets banned for a month

The last couple of weeks have painted a troubling picture for the increasing levels of toxicity in Overwatch. Blizzard began by issuing a three-strike notice to everyone that will get them permanently banned from ranked games. It was then followed by the revelation that the development team is often threatened by community members on a regular basis.

This week, game director Jeff Kaplan made it abundantly clear that he will no longer tolerate any further finger-pointing towards his staff members.

“The balancing team needs replacement, [in my honest opinion],” user Deventh complained on the official forums in a recent thread. “This is outrageous.”

The question of the competency of Blizzard caught the attention of Kaplan who then went ahead to ban the individual for thirty days.

“Make a productive post either clearly stating an issue that you’re having or make a productive suggestion,” Kaplan responded. “We won’t tolerate demands of ‘people being replaced’ on these forums. See you in 30 days.”

It is not only the players that are incredibly passionate about Overwatch. The development team also has great love for the game and community, dedicating a lot of time to hear what everyone has to say. However, nonconstructive feedback is never useful. Blizzard has reiterated at numerous occasions that it has open communication channels with the players but they should not use the opportunity to make hate-tipped demands.

Blizzard is currently preparing to bring back Halloween Terror to Overwatch this week. The spooky event will introduce new skins, items, and all sorts of exclusive loot for participating heroes.