League of Legends’ Season 7 Victorious skin goes to Graves

The gun-toting and cigar-smoking Graves is the champion selected from League of Legends to receive the annual Victorious skin for the current competitive season.

Riot Games released a teaser image last night to get things started. It showcased a figure clad in darkness, armed with a burly weapon and dressed in regal attire. The contours of the face did resemble with Graves. There was no sign of a cigar but there was smoke surrounding the figure.

In the wake of heated debates on social media platforms, the identity of the next receiver for the Victorious skin was revealed by the developer earlier today on the official Turkish website.

“New Victorious skin for Graves, different ways to show your ultimate rank and newly designed ward skins are waiting for you this year,” a rough translation for the now deleted post reads. “Also for those who fight with honor on battlefield we have reward for you (likely referring to honor level rewards).”

Take note that only players who rank Gold or higher before the end of the current season will be rewarded with this skin. If they do not own Graves, they will be rewarded with the champion as well.

Season 7 started on December 8 last year and is expected to end on November 8 with the conclusion of the 2017 League of Legends World Championship. The pre-season is scheduled to go live on the same date, bringing several features and improvements that carry immense significance. Expect more details to arrive from Riot Games in the coming weeks.

Every season has reward players with a Victorious skin for their year-long efforts on the ranked ladder. It was Victorious Maokai last year and Victorious Sivir before that. Other champions in the same lineup include Morgana, Elise, Janna, and Jarvan IV. These skins are exclusive rewards and cannot be purchased by players from the store.