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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Ultra Beast and Ultra Wormholes Detailed

Nintendo and The Pokemon company revealed some new information regarding Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Ultra Beast and Ultra Wormholes.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Ultra Wormholes were pockets of space shrouded in mystery. They appeared all over the Alola region. But in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, players can use  Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala to ride through these Ultra Wormholes to reach the worlds beyond.

One of the worlds players can visit is Ultra Megalopolis.  This is a place that had its light taken by Necrozma. Within this world, a tower-like building shines with bright light but we don’t know what awaits at the top of the tower. In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, you will also get to see Ultra Recon Squad, who has appeared from one of the worlds beyond the wormholes.

The squad brings the new Ultra Beast, Adhesive, a Poison-type Pokemon.

UB Adhesive
Type: Poison

This Ultra Beast’s head is filled with venom and it shoots this venom out from the poisonous needle on the top of its head. It is said to be intelligent enough to understand human speech and displays many emotions.

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, players will be able to meet other new Ultra Beasts in addition to UB Adhesive. In Pokémon Ultra Sun, players will able to meet UB Burst, while in Pokémon Ultra Moon, it will be UB Assembly.

UB Burst
Type: Fire/Ghost
UB Burst has a head made up of a collection of curious sparks, which it can remove and make explode. It tricks targets into letting their guard down with its funny behavior then, when its opponent is close, it surprises them by blowing up its head without warning.

UB Assembly 
Type: Rock/Steel
This Ultra Beast is a collection of many life-forms. While it appears to be made up of stones stacked atop one another, each “stone” is in fact a separate life-form. When confronting opponents, the eyes on each of its stones begin to glow bright red.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is releasing on 3DS on November 17.

Source: Nintendo