New Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon Locations Will Come With Ultra Wormholes

One of the likely more under-utilized parts of Pokemon Sun and Moon were the Ultra Beasts, a group of interdimensional “Pokemon” that players could run around Alola and catch in the endgame. However, now new Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon locations will allow players to face them on their home turf.

Near the end-game of Pokemon Sun and Moon’s story, players chased Lillie’s mother Lusamine to the dimension of the Ultra Beasts with the help of the version’s Legendary Pokemon. That part of the Ultra Dimension, where the Ultra Beasts came from, was something of a disappointment, mainly being a big cave with a battle against Lusamine at the end.

However, the new Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon locations that are going to be accessible thanks to the game’s “Ultra Wormhole” mechanic (which you can access by having Solgaleo or Lunalaa in your party) mainly take place in the Ultra Beast dimension, meaning that you can run around their home turf and encounter them in the wild just like you do a regular Pokemon. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll be running around a carbon copy of Alola; the Ultra Beast dimension has enormous weird vines, creepy caves, and plenty of other places to go.

Not to mention you’ll be going to Ultra Megalopolis, a city that’s home to a team of people called the Ultra Recon Squad, who appear to be serving as the villainous team this time. Ultra Megalopolis is described as a city where Necrozma, an Ultra Beast that players could encounter in Sun and Moon, had stolen the light from.

That, combined with how Solgaleo and Lunalaa look in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, likely means that the Ultra Beast Necrozma is going to be the closest thing to an “antagonist” that we’ll be dealing with in the game.

To see the new Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon locations for yourself, you can watch the new trailer further up this article. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will both be releasing for the Nintendo 3DS on November 17 of this year.