HTC Vive Has A Positive Response From Fans All Over The Globe, Says Graham Breen

HTC Vive despite its higher price, is getting a good response all around the globe, with its in depth VR experience, AAA titles, accurate motion tracking and with all of it, it has developed a fan base already. Program Manager Graham Breen, for VR at HTC gave an interview where he discussed the HTC Vive response.

The price cut has been pretty beneficial for stimulating sales for the product. The price has dropped to 599$ now. Even though it’s still expensive from PS VR and Oculus Rift people believe that it is the best VR experience, specially because of its motion tracking range for an entire room.

Graham Breen also mentioned that they have introduced games that encourage exploration in the past, and games that let you create stuff currently they are focusing games such as Fall Out 4. That got a really good response from the fans at Gamescom.

He believes that HTC Vive’s experience is different for everyone. Some people focus on the minute details by zooming themselves in the object, some people like walking around getting that immersive experience then there are others who really enjoyed the engaging humorous games like Job simulator, so it’s different for everyone.

Breen added that he is getting a lot of innovative ideas from developers in Europe and VR is all about an immersive & innovative experience. This year has been exciting enough and it’s the quarter where people are spending good amount of money to buy exciting VR stuff thus it’s expected that HTC Vive will be sold in good numbers.

Up on asked about the difference of reception among VR fans all over the world, he replied that fans are the same everywhere. Whether Boston or Berlin, the content availability is global and so far the interests of the fans. One update gets a global reception and there are people who love VR so we’re excepting great response for HTC Vive to come.