EVGA Z370 Motherboard Revealed, 3 Versions For Different Users

EVGA Z370 Motherboard has been revealed for the Intel’s Z370 chipset. These motherboards will support Intel’s 8th generation Coffee Lake line of CPUs, including the flagship 8700K. There are three versions of the board and all of them support metal-reinforced PCI Express and memory slots, SLI support and M.2 slots.

EVGA Z370 Motherboard has three versions. The full ATX Z370 Classified K, Z370 FTW edition and Z370 Micro and mini ATX form factor. They all use the same black and grey color scheme and they all are compatible with the external RGB lighting via headers.

The Classified K uses a 13 Phase digital VRM compared to the Z370 FTW and Z370 Micro, that house an 11 phase VRM. This affects enthusiast level overclocking. All three motherboards use 100% solid state capacitors, provide on-board buttons for reset, clear CMOS, switch BIOS etc.

The major differences are in the number of USB 3.0, M.2 and PCIe ports. with the Micro version having 2 PCIe 16x ports, 2 x M.2 ports, 2 RAM slots and 6 SATA slots. The micro version doesn’t use the fancy silver shields to cover the external ports and VRM heat sinks.

The Classified K edition of the EVGA Z370 Motherboard also uses a Creative’s Sound Core3D 5.1 HD onboard audio processor, compared to FTW edition’s Realtek ALC1220 7.1 audio. Both the Classified K and FTW support 64 GB of DDR4 RAM up to 4133 MHz.

There’s a unique cut out feature for the power ports on the motherboard, that make cabling a breeze. The main ATX power cable socket turned to 90 degrees in Micro version. The prices haven’t been revealed yet but it will take some time for these to become available.

Overall it’s been an exciting year for technological developments and all the Z370 motherboard partners have jumped the ship for the next-generation technological leap. Do you guys plan to buy the EVGA Z370 Motherboard? If yes then do let us know in the comments.