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Game Director Is Looking For Fans’ Suggestions For Destiny 2 Expansion

Destiny 2 has launched for consoles and the game will launch for PC later this month and Bungie is already looking for some ideas for the first Destiny 2 expansion. Destiny 2 game director is asking fans for suggestions about what will be included in first Destiny 2 expansion.

Game director Christopher Barrett asked gamers through his Twitter account about their suggestions for the first Destiny 2 expansion. While Bungie hasn’t decided yet on the content for the expansion but, the most popular suggestions seem to be more loot, a greater focus on endgame content, and the inclusion of custom games.

Also, Bungie has hinted that Weapon Balances will be coming soon. According to Bungie, it is too soon to announce any Destiny 2 weapons changes but, assured that they are coming.

We’re not ready to go into detail about any weapon or ability tuning at this point, but there is an ongoing process in play, so we did want to drop a quick line and say…We have heard your feedback. Thank you!

Also, Gamers have been enjoying Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid which is quite difficult especially the Pleasure Gardens trial which is even difficult to complete with a full strike team. However, the trial has been completed by a duo, the prolific tag team Epicookiez and Slayerage.

Furthermore, Bungie has confirmed that it has no plans for PTR for Destiny 2 but, thinks that they are amazing and intends to challenge the team without exposing it to the public. With many games featuring Public Test Realms(PTR) for players to try out, it would not be surprising if Bungie also introduces one.

While the game is locked at 30 FPS on consoles but, Bungie has revealed that the sequel could run at 60 FPS on consoles.

Destiny 2 is a first-person action shooter developed by Bungie for Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and the PC version will launch in October.