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The Witcher 3 Update 1.51 Brings 4K On PlayStation 4 Pro With 30 FPS

CD Project RED, the team behind The Witcher franchise, just released their latest patch v1.51 of The Witcher 3 for the PS4 Pro. The patch enables the in game resolution from 1080p to

">2160p with checkerboard rendering. This is a technique that typically fills in the gaps within a frame using information from prior frames.

Gamers who play The Witcher 3 on a 1080p display will also see benefits, as the game uses full super sampling. Although after the 1.51 update ambient occlusion effects seem to have dropped a bit at some points, CDPR says they’re investigating the issue in further depth.

Before the patch both the PS4 and PS4 Pro used to run the game on 1080p resolution, even with

">PS4 Pro’s Boost Mode on. There has been no hint towards upgrading the frames per second. They’re focusing on 4k resolution, and that’s about it.

The Witcher franchise is famous for its demanding graphics due to life-like environments, lush terrains, detailed character designs and massive open world tax the hardware rigorously including the CPU, GPU and RAM.

The Witcher 3 on PC however, was forgiving a notch. Since the memory utilization both VRAM and RAM were efficient and performance was much more acceptable. On consoles, due to limited hardware this game still seems to be doing pretty well. Especially after the 1.51 patch PS4 Pro users can finally see some value, for playing this game on it with 4K resolution.

The developers however, have not given any indication if PS4 Pro will ever get a 1080p / 60 FPS patch. This is indeed a highly demanded fact by the community at large. Many gamers have wished for a 1080p 60 FPS experience over 4k 30 FPS. Games like Rise of the Tomb Raider do offer that luxury on the PS4 Pro. The Witcher 3 is playable on PS4, Xbox One and PC.