Paris Games Week 2017 May Show Off Final Fantasy 7, Last Of Us 2

Paris Games Week 2017 is getting closer, and with such a big event on its way there’s a lot of different things coming to be excited about. Some rumors, for instance, have said that we’ll be getting more information about the Final Fantasy 7 remake, along with a possible teaser for The Last Of Us 2.

Both games have had their development studios be pretty mum on any sorts of details. While in Final Fantasy 7’s case it’s apparently due to Square Enix not wanting any information leaking out unless they’re apparently at an event, there’s been no real explanation as to why The Last Of Us 2 hasn’t been getting any coverage.

The possibility that we’ll get new information (and maybe new video teasers) from both during Paris Games Week 2017 is definitely something that we can look forward to, but that depends entirely on what Square Enix and Naughty Dog are actually ready to show us.

For instance, The Last Of Us 2 was announced at the Playstation Experience last year, alongside the standalone Uncharted 4 expansion The Lost Legacy. The Lost Legacy has already been released, but since then Naughty Dog has finally been able to fully devote their resources to The Last Of Us 2. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of Ellie and Joel here at the Paris Games Week, but then again we might see it at the Playstation Experience again, instead.

That’s not even considering the Final Fantasy 7 remake, which is a game that’s even more highly anticipated but has had multiple different statements come out about it, ranging from the game not even being worked on yet outside of the concept phase to it actually coming along fairly well.

Either way, we might be seeing both at Paris Games Week 2017 when it begins on November 1, and runs until November 5. If you’re in Paris and want to catch the show, or can find a stream, be on the lookout.